Monday, August 13, 2012

Wait! Don’t Rebuke it Just Yet

Where is God taking You?

Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes when faith fails its because there is a greater plan at work. That’s right! God may be overruling your faith because He is preparing you for a future role.  Experiencing pain in life is not God’s best for us, but He uses it to strengthen us to be ready for future life challenges.

(In our body, pain signals that something is wrong and needs fixing- in life pain signals our area of weakness and need for God to be with us to go through successfully for growth)

My thoughts stem from the life story of Moses. Moses was born of a Hebrew slave, put in a basket, placed in the Nile river, and discovered by the Pharoh’s daughter. Moses was educated and trained as an Egyptian Pharaoh. He was a full blood Hebrew, but a fully trained pharaoh; quite a confusing state of mind.

Moses lived in what we call “a catch 22 situation”. His own flesh and blood stayed in bondage, while he carried the authority of the pharaoh,  as well as received education and training in the system. The inner struggle grew larger with Moses as he witnessed the inhumane acts of Egyptian taskmasters against the Hebrew slaves. In anger, Moses killed an Egyptian taskmaster, then he went into exile, making the desert his new home.

The desert was a dry and unfamiliar place for Moses. After years of luxury living, Moses was in a desolate place. The desert represented the place of lack and suffering. The desert became Moses’ taskmaster.

God had a plan for Moses that required some serious training. His training involved taking the people from bondage, through the desert, into the promised land. However, at the time, Moses did not know this. He would meet his wife and father-in-law in the desert.

Jethro, his father-in-law mentored Moses on how to survive in the desert climate. Moses went from luxury living to hard living as he tended to Jethro’s sheep. Moses went from being served to serving others. Normally, a person experiencing this would try to get out of this type of lifestyle, having had a good upbringing.  Some people would have given up and died in the desert, but Moses kept on ticking.

Moses learned all the great secrets of survival in the desert. Suddenly, he stumbled upon the burning bush. The burning bush was an amazing site to Moses. He would walk pass this wonder and turn swiftly to check it out.  The burning bush was in fact not consuming the wood; a flame in progress but no wood was scorched. It was in the active curiousness of Moses that God called out to him.

After 80 years, God deemed Moses ready for his mission. In our day, at age 80, many are already dead or facing death. Moses, however, had to leave his family and go back to the place where he once experienced pain. It was there, in Egypt that Moses would begin a work that no one else was qualified to do.

We sometimes experience situations where we wish to pray it away. These situations only grow worse because we are really in basic training for our future role. We must embrace our problems with God’s grace at heart. If we are leading a prayerful lifestyle, God gives us the strength to go through our storms without it consuming us. The purpose is to establish our hearts and make us strong to meet our destiny with hope.

Praying away a situation could mean that we are delaying our preparation for the future. We must embrace our problems with a prayerful and obedient attitude, trusting God to be with us as we go through.  An example would be the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace. They entered the furnace with faith in God and there witnesses account seeing a fourth one inside the furnace.  The fire did not consume them but they experienced it. It was God or the pre-incarnate Jesus standing with them in the furnace.

You are experiencing so much torment in life that it appears as if it is some satanic attack. The attacks are real, but you must change your perception of how you go through it. Allow God to proof you today by accepting the challenges with God as your side post. We all experience pain, but what God does is remove the consequences by making you stronger in that particular area. In other words, you go through the situation, as God is with you. That my friend is your area of ministry that governs your call.

Moses was proofed as a Hebrew child, molded into an Egyptian Pharaoh, mastered in desert survival tactics as a shepherd, and then called to lead his people from slavery, through the desert, into the promised land (rich and fruitful living). If you study the entire proofing plan that God did with Moses, you will understand why his sufferings was necessary and his mission successful!

Moses became the Hebrew’s Pharaoh, shepherd, and mediator.  All the hats Moses wore, God prepared him before hand.  Do not despise where you came from, nor where you are at this present moment. Build a prayerful lifestyle and trust God to be with you through your difficult times.

I must conclude by telling you, that God is a provider and He will not let you go hungry. God takes care of His children. I have experienced the daily bread and all the above teachings. God’s word is true! Only Believe!

Apostle Lockley

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