Friday, August 3, 2012

What the Church is experiencing now...

The poor will be with you always. While this saying is true, it doesn't mean that you have to be one of the statistics.  The real meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ was to introduce a new way of thinking and living. The poor were present in the times of Jesus' ministry but after taking a second look, what happened to the poor that were following Jesus?

To be quite blunt... the poor of Jesus' ministry had their needs met.  It didn't matter what resources were not around when the people had a need, out of the miracle workings of Jesus came the solution.

It takes faith to grasp the kind of living that I am about to introduce to you. This type of faith allows the natural eye to see lack... but overrules the natural... by believing God's word for the answer.

At the announcement of the forthcoming birth of Jesus, the angels informed the hearers that Jesus was to come save His people from their sin.  In other words, Jesus was on His way to return humanity back to its original order.

Reverse the effects of sin was the mission of Christ. In Matthew 11, Jesus announced to John the Baptist's ministers that the blind can now see, the deaf were able to hear again, the poor had the gospel preached to them, the cripple are now walking, those that could not speak were currently talking, and told them to go tell John the Baptist what they have seen and heard.

Today, you are to walk in line with the order of God's message through Jesus Christ. Sin has its claim on your physical roots- but Jesus reversed the effects of sin for those that beleive He did it.

You must 1st renew your mind about the gospel, and what it has done for you. Next, you must reread the Word. Then, you accept the Word at face value acting upon it. Now, just as the angels listen for the Word and act upon it on your behalf, you must speak the Word continually over your mute, blind, deaf, dumb, lame, or poor situation trusting God for a harvest.

What the Church is experiencing now is a revival state in which the end of its age has now begun. Jesus is ready to come back for His bride, the church. However, many swift changes will take place in pulpits across the world to accomplish the mission.

My advice to all leaders and lay members of the Christian church is to be prayerful and watch the Word carefully for signs and wonders.

Truly I am,

Apostle Lockley

Get your life on track with God by holding brief, quick conversations with the Father. Allow His Holy Spirit to clean your life up and accept the work of Jesus on the cross, by way of  the death, burial and resurrection.

Change comes after much preserverence has been applied in the area of desire.  Grow your faith my family!

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