Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bad Spouse Issue

His Holy Spirit says, You complain to me about a spouse who disprespects, disregards, and denies your every relational need, one who refuses to give or assist you in meeting your financial, social, or personal goals, one that always turn their back on you when you are sick, down, or hurt.

Wake Up! I deal with people who despise me, people who hold back in service, cheat me through tithes and offerings, ignore me when I speak to them, and pray to me with manipulation as their motivation to bless their mess; they want me to support their greed and ignore their need.

Child, my grace is sufficient for you! As for them,  I  provided for thier needs before they were concieved in the womb. I provided for their wants before they were formed in the womb. This is grace! This is agape love! This is God’s character! Copy this attitude!

Sin, on the other hand eats away at Godly provision. Obey Sin and watch my provision melt away as the enemy steals it, holds it back, denies your access to it. My permissive will allows the enemy to rob, steal, and destroy these types by their lustful decisions. In Sin, away from righteousness man is not covered nor protected by me.

Child, what you are going through will strengthen you and get you ready for what I have planned for you. Stop complaining to me about people whom you can not control. Worship me! I will provide! I will give you what you are missing! I am your provider! Trust Me!

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