Monday, September 3, 2012

When God Says NO!

When God Says NO!

I am often offended by persons who blame God for mishaps in their life. God is the God of agape love and that means He loves us unconditionally.  His love includes a way that every man may start a relationship with him; through accepting his son’s work on the cross.

I am also offended by those whom blame God for doing bad things to them.  God established order in Genesis. He also established a chain of command in the earth. This protocol was set in place and God can not go back and change it. If he did, it would mean our God waivers.  The act of sin is what causes bad things to happen to us all. Just because someone is a bonafide Christian does not mean that bad things won’t happen.  In fact, for the Christian, bad things come and we suffer, but the effects that should have been negative end up making us stronger.

There are situations that we sometimes ask God to remove and he simply says no.  He allows Satan to attack us for the purpose of building us up for a future purpose. Don't get things confused, God does not do bad things to us, He allows Satan to have limited permission to try us. Jesus experienced the same issue in the Garden of Gethsemane, he prayed that God would remove the bitter experience through the cross. The Scripture records Jesus sweating blood, in my opinion, this means that Jesus earnestly tried to change the way his flesh would suffer. After all, he had not sinned! He didn’t deserve the cross!

In life, we suffer many pitfalls and setbacks. Our finances fail, our health fail, our relationships fail, our jobs fail, but through the worst of all the problems we have, God is right there with us. He never leaves us alone. This is true! God never leaves us alone. He goes through the issues with us and numbs us so that we can see the glimmer of hope on the other side of the mountain. Every character in the bible is recorded as suffering for righteousness sake. The best of these situations is that God restored, blessed, multiplied, or healed them when the time was appropriate.

As a believer today, we must remember that God’s timing is essential to our life. God is in total control and overrules us when we submit to his will.  He has two wills. In his permissive will, God allows man to go off course and endure hardships, but in his decretive will he has us in his hands.

I would rather be in God’s decretive will. His decretive will is a bit surprising. We don’t know from day to day how things will turn out, but the blessing is that when we are in his decretive will, things always work out for our good.

God told Moses, tell Pharaoh, that I AM THAT I AM has sent you to free my people. To me that means, God is everything we will ever need and desire on earth and in heaven.


Apostle Erric Lockley

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