Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apostolic Proclamation at start up!

House of Worship Dallas
Apostle Lockley, Senior Pastor

Our proclamation at start up!

The act of worship is done in a holistic manner and invokes a circular pattern of giving and receiving between our creator, Jehovah God and the spiritual church (the elect of God). To worship means to reverence Father God by solemn inner sinless adoration of vocal elicit praise and holy dedication of our physical bodies for total service in the kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said that no man with his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of Heaven. At the House of Worship, members of the spiritual church are trained in holistic dedication and adoration of their earthly lifestyles in service to God and the eternal life.

We are the body of baptized believers  the called, the elect of God, whose foreheads are marked for end-times against the tribulation occurring in the earth. A whisper of hope from the Holy Scriptures gleans the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the sanctification and regeneration power through His Holy Spirit. We are cleansed through the Word, washed through the blood of the Lamb, and sealed by His Spirit until the day of reward.

God has called the order of His people to remain faithful and true until that day of redemption when all evil will be destroyed and we will worship him forever more.

I am an apostle, called by God, commission by Jesus Christ, and unction by His Holy Spirit to bring the church through the end times. I shall not see death until my assignment has culminated with the satisfaction of our God and the platform He has established before me.

In history, God has miraculously (in the eyes of men) provided for me, protected me, and educated me in the way. I am fully persuaded  that the hand of God sets with me in every way. Many have crossed my path ill intended and was unbelievers of my assignment: where divine intervention prevailed and many of them do sleep as a result of their misjudgment and unbelief.  God is not to be mocked or second guessed. His hand is mighty and heavy to those in His way. His hand is gentle and full of provision for His own children.

Our God’s objective is clear; We shall worship Him forevermore!

House of Worship Dallas
Apostle Lockley
2012, October 4

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