Monday, October 1, 2012

Death Valley Waits on Faith

Authority! The human race is so unique, and designed purposely to be in control of their mortal lives. However, there is a dark side to being in control that many are blinded about. Since the creation of Adam, God has always given man a choice. This choice is respected by all of the angelic host, the satanic forces, and the Godhead. What power! What a rush! What a method of self destruction!

To live a mortal life means that you are fully in charge of your destiny. It sounds like the perfect plan. To be in charge of your destiny is something that many desire the ability for. There is something missing! Something so unique, but small, and without it man is incomplete. 

I am guilty of missing this small and unique piece in my life. We roam around in the earth trying to survive without the missing piece and life falsely arrests our temperament with moods of success and failure. What I need to tell you is that without this one piece, everything is ultimately a failure. Life is misconception when the missing piece is not plugged in.

Many believe that as humans we are spiritual beings. As spiritual beings, we live in the earth having a natural experience. That natural experience is what misguides our intellect into wishful thinking that stems from the physical attributes of this world. That must change! The idea of living for the natural is something that a Christian has to defeat. 

Moses lead the children of Israel out of Egypt to the land promised his forefathers by Jehovah God. The transition was not easy! God made a big show of his authority and power before freeing the Israelites. They were rid of the harsh taskmasters and the daily experience of generational slavery, so they thought. For over 400 years, the Israelite s served the Pharaoh and even though they were Hebrew by birthright, they had been acculturated by the Egyptians. 

Acculturation is the absorbing of one's culture onto your own and accepted as ideal. The people of Israel were descendants of a mighty prophetic line, promised to inherit a land they didn't know exist. Although the people of Israel continued to pray for freedom from slavery, they had no firsthand knowledge of the God that was to deliver them.

Faith is believing that something tangible exist, even-though one has never seen it. Faith is accepting the unseen forces of reversibility in the viability of something completely opposite. Faith is taking the action to receive a promise that has no real guarantee in the physical.  It takes the wisdom and strength of God to overrule circumstances that are seeking to destroy a thing and make it work for your good. 

The people of Israel were recorded as God's own. They represent the present church of our times. The problem that took place with the people of Israel are now common with our church today. The people had a form of Godliness but had no power. Faith is only a part of the power that is necessary to become God's elect.

Pharaoh represents one who infects the life of the church with unnatural order. Moses represents the laws of God, the truth, God's divine good. The Israelites represents the spiritual church. Aaron represents doctrine (the way God's word is interpreted). 

God commanded Moses to tell Pharaoh to let his people go so that they may serve him. It is God's best that we worship Him, have no other gods before Him. We serve God first by accepting Jesus' work of salvation. Next we dedicate our spirit, soul, and mind to Him. A secret to excelling in a Godly relationship is to become a self conscious Christian. 

A focus on our inner being sets the stage for transitions of our outer being. When we absorb God's grace, then we can focus on our inner-self and love our neighbor. As we transition in the process, we can see the inner beauty take charge. The Apostle John says "that we know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren". This love is as loving our neighbor as self. This love is putting the earthly riches secondary to our heavenly needs.

We are eternal beings in need of a savior. Our redeemer lives! He lives in those who believe! We can take note in the facts of the cross and the redemption plan. God invested in us to bring us to first class heavenly citizenry. Our purpose is to deny the flesh, and build our inner self! 

When we accept God's grace! Live on his finished work! Death has no sting! Death has no power! Faith overrules death! Our dead relationships, dead businesses, dead dreams, dead families, dead finances can experience Jesus' resurrection type power knowing that it was God who did raise Him through his grace set aside for us. 

Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil for God is with you!
ONLY Believe!

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