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FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

Making the best of the worst is a bona fide goal in the daily life of the christian. Until you humble yourself and take the power of self and put it on the side, it is impossible to prosper in the kingdom of Heaven. Spiritual prosperity works opposite of earthly prosperity. Scripture is full of scenarios where God expects the believer to leave all earthly ties and wealth in pursuit of new lifestyle with Him.

Fear gets in the way of believers selling their soul to God. This fear is stimulated from concept of the unknown. With God we must operate first from the spiritual angle and then believe Him for the manifestation of it in the natural. Fear places a damper on the Godly relationship because we fail to trust God’s word at face value. It is what it is...

We were born with all of our senses dictating the satisfaction of our needs. To satisfy hunger, we innately employ the help of the five senses to meet the need. The cycle of needs-meeting in the physical is reinforced so strong from birth until we experience God for the first time. Then it is tough to break such a cycle of needs-meeting that without it, there would be some breakdown of our intellect to do things differently.

Here is the toughest choice you will ever make in life: You must stop depending on your own senses and intellect and start to trust God for the ultimate needs-meeting experience. In Scripture, you can trace most of Jesus’ teachings to this concept of depending on God for needs-meeting  The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. The Our Father Prayer is what he taught. In this prayer, Jesus gives heavy clues on the intentional relationship of dependency from man towards God. Jesus also teaches how important mankind is to God. If God fed the birds, and made sure the blades of grass were green, then why would God miss feeding mankind. The provision is not just for believers, but for all mankind.

So why should a man want more if God will feed him anyway? God desires that man build a relationship with Him. From Genesis to Revelation scripture, God is viewed as one seeking to spend time with His people. However, the main issue that disturbs the relationship is Sin. Sin separates man from God because God is holy. Through Jesus’ work of the cross, Sin was defeated and we whom accept this work are no longer sinful but saved.

The cross is the tangible expression of God’s grace for mankind. It is the way in which man finally has direct rights to build a relationship with the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).  It is the relationship in which the Father seeks with mankind through the act of worship.

FEAR places a blindfold on man towards the obvious desire of God, which is worshiping the father. Sin places hardship on mankind that calls him to duty for basic survival skills. With a strong focus of daily living, God is left out to fit in where he may get in. Man is guilty for trying to feed himself, place a roof over his head by himself, stay healthy, raise a family, and continue the cycle each generation.  FEAR becomes the taskmaster of our faith growth in God and as a result, man stays true to the needs of this world over a good divine relationship.

False evidence appearing real is only a myth of the flesh. To change the way you conduct life, start by desire. You must desire to change your current traditions of meeting daily needs and trust God to guide you. The path is clearly different for every believer; no two individuals are the same. God has a specific path that you must take to change directions.

Here is a life pill:

Remember that God desires your worship and therefore will meet you where you are to change the way you do business. God expects you to go from stressing out over daily needs to blessing Him without worrying about daily needs. It means that in the correct relationship with the Father, He makes sure your daily needs are met and you spend your earthly time focusing on Him.  It is why the apostle James mentions that we must pray without ceasing.

Here is some heavy food for the advanced believer:

Jesus says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

First the eye of the needle is a small night opening at a city wall. A camel packed with all the owners goods along with the owner could not enter through the gate except the owner unpacks the camel. The owner would have to do some extra work by unloading the goods and walking them to the other side of the gate. Then the owner would walk the camel through and repack his animal before continuing on the journey.

Second, In the life of a believer  He gives up all his worldly goods as he passes from death to life. As he unpacks at outer gate, Jesus is waiting on the other side to assist him at repacking all those items he gave up. Thus, Jesus’ response to his disciples fit here, they had left everything to follow Jesus. Jesus told them that everything they forsook would be returned with interest in this life and the life to come.

Finally, it is advantageously ideal to go ahead and address your FEAR of losing materials through your transitional from death to live. God is faithful to provide for your needs miraculously. He needs only your desire to worship Him and your faith in His plan to restore you to a stress free style of living. While bad things will continue to come your way, your view will no longer allow you to be so stressed because you will learn that God is in control.

Drop fear! Pick up faith! Watch God work on your behalf as you change your focus from self to Godly provision. Worship God! 

Truly I am,
Apostle Lockley  

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