Monday, November 5, 2012

On the battlefield for Christ and exhausted!

On the battlefield for Christ and exhausted!

John 6:21... and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went

On the battlefield for Christ and exhausted! It is the enemies intention to wear mankind down while striving to live holy. To avoid exhaustion in Christianity, one must focus on playing the right role. 

I fought in the 1991 Gulf War. It was mentally challenging as I dealt with the pressures of life and death. The enemy was launching SCUD missiles all night and day. Our forces were attempting to intercept the missiles in mid-air to avoid his intended targets from being destroyed.  In a camp next to where I lived, the enemy appeared successful as one missile landed untouched. Soldiers died.

Overall, while there was minimal life lost in that war, some soldiers were mentally and physically wounded.  The military offered us some R and R to de-stress and maintain our faculties. This R &R was great and did what it was intended to do and soldiers returned back to duty.

In Christianity, it is not man’s role to physically fight against any circumstances. Man is to watch and pray for enemy movement and then use faith to deal with the circumstances. The Godhead fights the battle and provides protection. He never misses intercepting the enemies missiles  but He just may allow one to come through. Some times what we think we are going through is unfair but in God’s plan it is for your future benefit.

Our human emotion, anger, is a blessing in disguise. Anger (that is under control) is a healthy emotion that moves us to respond with forceful reactions to a circumstance. Some experts say when we get angry, its fight of flight that determine the results of a circumstance.

A man walking down the street faced a nagging dog that barked after him without stopping. The man stopped and told the dog to flee, the dog ignored him and continued barking at him. When the man stomped his foot and screamed flee, the dog retreated and left him alone.

In this scenario  the man used his anger to free him of the annoying dog. On the Christian battlefield we don’t use our anger correctly. We allow the enemy to come against us and hurt us. Instead of using our faith to fight the enemy, we flee giving our opponent the upper hand.

Jesus understands how weak we are at attending to life issues and our faith thereof.  He provides His word for us to grow stronger. When we don’t feed off the Word, then we fail to gain the power to stomp at the enemy and make him flee. Like the disciples in the boat, when Jesus did enter the sinking boat, John’s gospel makes sure to mention that the boat was immediately onshore. The disciples alone, were physically and mentally tired to continue the journey successfully.

Unfortunately, when Jesus allows us rest from circumstances it could mean experiencing a prolonged illness and then recover, it could be moving to a new city, it could be switching careers, forced options or even death. These are just a few things that we may experience. On the other hand, we could get some R and R at a nice resort or comfortable spot and return back with better faculties to deal with our issues. It is all dependent upon God’s will for your life. Sometimes He allows more time and sometimes He permits death, there are no guarantees. One needs to be in right standing with the Godhead at all times. (Repent and believe the gospel)

We can’t blame God for our problems. God is not in the hurting business, Satan is. We have all the tools to guard against the enemies tactics found in the Word. Trusting and believing in the Trinity is what is needed to survive an attack. Use your anger about the situation you are experiencing to trigger a Godly response to deal with it. (If a man lacks wisdom, ask God)

Fight the good fight of faith to overcome the enemy. Use your anger as a tool to stand on the promises in God’s word. Shout, because with God doing the fighting for you, its a win win outcome.

Truly I Am,

Apostle Lockley

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