Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sick and a Saint: Is this right?

I counseled with her after 11 years of kidney failure and she has gotten worse. There are many Christians that have become ill after service to the Lord and have not grown better. In those cases, after the saints have fasted and prayed, faith has been upheld for some time, why haven't they condition bettered?

In  years of ministry and facing my own afflictions, I found that each condition a person has is conditional and therefore must be handled individually. There is healing in Jesus' name. There is forgiveness of Sin in Jesus' blood. There is power to rebuke any presenting conditions that sick saints may face. Why are they not being healed?

First, God honors a man's true heart. As Christians, we must honor God back by simply believing the Gospel message. Jesus always told the disciples, "I have you not ignorant...". Ignorance is the main culprit to not accepting the healing power of God.

Second, a Christian must fix their heart with God. To believe in the Gospel is the first step to beating sickness. The apostles taught, "repent and believe the Gospel". The Gospel is the good news of Jesus' work of salvation. Through the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, we have the power to be healed. Some teach that the 39 lashes Jesus took with the beating of the whip, ripped open his flesh, was paying for our Sin. He had no Sin in Him. The cross is where He laid down His life for us to be re-united with God. The grave was purposed to remove the power of Death. His resurrection was God sponsored and gave Him all power.

Third, a sick Christian must believe this to be true. All God wants mankind to do is believe that He made it possible for us to be whole again. Once we believe that in our heart, then God comes upon our human flesh and restore it to completeness again. "Only Believe" is what God says for you to do. He does the rest.

Let me tell you that to believe is not an act of head faith but heart faith. To understand heart faith, one must study God's word and accept it at face value. You need a good teacher on the healing subject. One must act upon the healing by correct confession. Your thinking has to be in total agreement with God. You must correct anyone speaking on behalf of the sickness that is presenting to you. You must act as if the sickness is not there, speaking to it by cancellation.

Finally, think about this my brethren! An old man was searching the Internet in his home office when he heard a knock on the front door. He stood on his feet and went to the door. He looked through the peephole and saw it was a delivery man. He opened the door and the delivery guy said, "its a delivery for you sir, please sign". The old man looked at the package and told the delivery man, "I didn't order anything like this, I won't accept it". The delivery man said, "sir, it has your name and address, please sign here". The old man said, "I refuse, return it to the sender". As he said that, the delivery man wrote on the package, refused, return to sender and he left the old man standing at the door.

We have to learn how to use God's word to refuse sickness and disease by returning it back to the sender. It takes your faith in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to do it and the power of God to come upon your flesh to make the repairs. Only believe!

For some people, healing is instantly. For others healing is progressive. In all cases of healing, it is declared miraculous. Healing comes from the Father, through His Holy Spirit, by the power of the blood of Jesus. I declare you healed right now. Amen


Truly I am,

Apostle Lockley 

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