Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prophetic Word to the Churches: The Natural Order of the Family

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Prophecy for the Nations                 
1/10/13 11:30 a.m.
Apostle Lockley
House of Worship at Dallas

Prophetic Word to the Churches: The Natural Order of the Family

Note: (This word was burning in my spirit this morning and once I drafted it, I was released. God is not pleased with the state of the church. We have allowed sin into our camps. This year, a powerful change of venue will swamp into the church. A call to return to the original family structure is a part of the agenda (male- female union). Keep in mind that what you read is the order. If you are not living this way, you can repent, also start conversations about the natural order of things as God created them, especially the family unit which is the foundation to earthly living. How wonderful it is to live the way God designed us to live and see improvement in our society. I don't hate gay and lesbian people, they deserve God's love and my love too. I am not in agreement in their lifestyle.)

The influences that a woman has upon the man are powerful energies of control. She possesses characteristics of his weaknesses and by nature she can maneuver him in the direction of her will. Ah! He must be level headed in his daily decision making because with the love balance for God and his woman, she can manipulate him to defy the very orders of God.

She may be unaware of her cunning powers over the man, but, they exist in nature and can be overbearing to his nature. It is why sometimes the battle of the sexes foe. They collide, and when they do, its response is like the two weather fronts that collide and spin at dangerously high forces of wind. The tornado damages every area it inhabits until suddenly the air stabilizes and all is calm.

Let nature teach us how when the forces of balance are unequal there is trouble in the camp.

The woman has beautiful properties that correlates to the opposite features of the man. She is his counterpart. HIS BEAUTIFUL OPPOSITE!

Let the couples of the world exist in great harmony. Let the beauty of their inner souls unite as one and shine radiantly unto the earth. It is God's best for both sexes to dwell in harmony. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Free grace abounds to all His creation. For couples, His love is our love towards each other.

However, there is a place in God where He rejects the unclean things. We who love Him keeps His word. No matter how difficult! We who love Him know Him because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world; God loves us and we love Him as so we are imitators of His good works in our individual lives and unto our couple.

For the couple experiencing pain at whatever cost, God CARES! He LOVES us! So much that He gave us CHRIST. Christ is the head of the church and so is man the head of the wife. So let it be ordained from above, the Father of Lights sustaining all things, then we love one another as Christ loves the Church and the Church reverences Christ. Let the couples of the earth rejoice at the model of charismatic harmony to be fulfilled in the couple. Let the order be established in the Household of God for ever and ever. Amen

As for those whom reject God's divinely administered order in the family, let him be accursed among the gentiles. There is no forgiveness of sin for those who transgress God's Spirit: who know the way and reject it because they believed false doctrine. As for your household, so shall you eat the dong among your sheep, your house shall fall, division is in your camp. Flee to the mountains to avoid more persecution. I have prepare a place for you this day. Go now! Look to the left or right no more! Go forward!

They say that God is second to the family. God says, I created the family. It is false doctrine to deny my call for the family's sake. What I put together let no man separate. He who follows his flesh is dead already. He who follows carnal things lives in corruption.

Avoid the doctrine of devils my son and you will see the harvest. It is plentiful! It is ripe! I am the Lord God! Before me there is no other!

Speak unto the people! Speak unto them and say that I sent you to free them from Egypt. Egypt is their mind set. They are captive in their minds. To avoid sin, they try every doctrine but the doctrine of salvation of peace. Peace with Me alienates the separation process. I give life and no other (saith the Lord God). I make crooked places straight. I open the forest and build new trees. I grant life in strife. I order peace to the sea, and yet man takes ownership of miracles. They attribute their discoveries to their own intellect. I allow what I allow. Foolish men despise my call. They follow doctrines of devils. They submit to leaders I did not call.

But you, oh Church, must change your ways. You must walk circumspectly. You must give in to your call to save the world from my wrath. How long should I wait? Oh man! How long should I hold mine anger to come? Your time is short! You who obey me will live forever. You who deny me will sleep eternally. This is my judgment.

This is my call. Walk upright and obey my words which I command you. They will attack you because they hate Me. But I will come to your rescue in weird places. I will spy on their plotting and release my angels to destroy them. They have no power of their own. I decide if they succeed or fail.
Forget not my power to destroy the wicked. Forget not what I did to Persia, she worshiped idols. I destroyed them because they failed to repent. I am the only God. I am their Lord. Turn back from evil things and see my salvation.

Know that you have been deceived. You marry in heart to that which I do not allow. You desecrate the high places and say I am there. ARE YOUR FOOLISH! Have you read in my word that when the beast has sat up and desecrated the high place that I am ready to release my wrath.

No more hurt to the people of God. Change your ways! Repent. This day I have spoken.