Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AntiChrist has set his agenda

Deception is the order of the day. Please be advised that the anti Christ has begun his assertion to glory. We have been slowly programmed into accepting his agenda and soon he will take center stage. As the torch is being passed to the next Pope, let all the earth pray for the new leadership of Catholicism.

The Anti Christ has an agenda which demotes God's authority and promotes the defiled. He works through media and places people of influence to override the saltiness of the church. Do not be fooled by acts of kindness and generosity. Study the character of a leader and pray for spiritual discernment. The Anti Christ comes as if he were Christ like, but lacks the ability to give life.

The Bible warns that his craftiness is skillful and could fool the masses of church members. This is because he acts Christ like but deception is his gift. He will win you over and then pressure you to follow his lead. Finally, he will try turning the world against God.

He will use our sufferings in the earth as a foothold to launch his agenda. People don't like to suffer, and Satan has this to his advantage. The church must remember that suffering is a path to Christianity. To be Christlike is to take up the cross and follow him.

Many of you already know about the secret agenda that has sparked exposure to an underground society that is becoming more revealing. The latest being the Superbowl halftime show experience, which revealed the worship of feminism and dethroning of masculinity as the singer requested the crowd to reach out and praise her. God was not pleased!

Lastly, the acceptance of gay marriage by our president was another agenda of the anti Christ. I don't believe our president has the wisdom on this issue. However, he has been judged by God for the decision to endorse the issue and now we must move on. We are reminded of his judgment, as the same singer lip sync the words at the his inauguration. By any means, we are alerted to pray for our president as he faces pressure from the secret society and makes decisions not worthy of God's ordinances.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Christian's Sex Life

Sexual Issues in the Church

Ephesians 5
1 John 1:9

His sexual desire became evident as he drew closer to becoming a committed Christian. After we discussed the underlying childhood issues and his familial blood line history, we went into the WORD of God and found the prescription for his breakthrough. Now, he is dedicated to living according to his purpose.

Sexual activity is a normal ritual in life. God created it! There are mysteries in the Bible that we still do not understand. I thank God for my teachers of the gospel message. They taught from their experience and understanding of the Scripture. However, today we are the generation the Bible speaks of growing wiser but weaker. We are in the information age. We have knowledge at our fingertips. However, so much knowledge with no wisdom of God can destroy us. Yet, the same information with the knowledge of God breaks the power of sin.

I want to help all those struggling with sexual addiction in the church. First, understand that God dwells in the believer. He does not leave. You are not God's bed and breakfast! Your body is the temple of His Holy Spirit. This is possible because you believed Jesus died for your sins. Now all your transgressions are forgiven through the blood of Jesus. Your trespasses are covered by the blood of Jesus. However, read on to understand how you are hurting yourself when you intentionally sin. The Apostle John teaches that there remains no more forgiveness. This means that God judges you openly for your actions and the consequences come long and strong to correct you, because you are His temple.

First change your thinking about how God dwells in your temple. Jesus' work on the cross broke the separation of man from God. Previously, the Mosaic Laws were followed and the high priest offered a blood sacrifice to God for the Jewish descendents. However, non Jewish persons had no eternal hope but Jesus being a circumcised Jew and the seed of God took on the Sin nature of man. He then being nailed to the cross became Sin that we who believe in Him have no sin on our record. Christians do not have sin charged against them in heaven.

Now that you understand that sin is not counted against the Christian, let me explain what happens when you do commit foolish sins. YOU DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE TO SIN! As a Christian, you have a new way of living, thinking, and behaving (read both Ephesians and Collosians) The Apostle Paul tells both cities that to know God is to do the right thing all the time. In fact, we do right because we love God. There is no license to sin. When you intentionally sin, God immediately judges you.

I can tell you that I worked with a family of six: father, mother, three daughters, one son. The oldest daughter is fourteen and decided to get a boyfriend at school. She kept it a secret, but they decided to embrace in a kiss after school and her father and other siblings witness this. The boyfriend decision she made was not the real issue, it was the intentions in their heart that moved God to expose them. She is committed to working for the Lord and this was a tactic of the enemy to try to take her away from this. God judged the decision by exposing the actions, we worked through the Scriptures to teach her how God's word should guide her choices. She cried! She cried! Then she decided, I will keep him as a boyfriend but no more touching. If God is pleased with this, I am. God judges the heart!

The heart is where God looks when you sin. He is the righteous judge, not men. Go to God who searches all things and knows all things. My position is to tell you that when you read the Word, apply it to your life. Sex is meant to enjoy, but between the couple in covenant. Because the two persons become one vessel, God pours out the family unit through them and receives them all back to Him through LOVE!

Sexual sin and addiction is tough to break, so you need to read and pray every day to counterattack this issue. Read Ephesians and Collosians and meditate on the words that address sexual behavior and ask God for wisdom to understand what you are reading. My mission here is to restore the individual and family unit in the church.

Truly I Am,

Apostle Lockley

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Press Release from God: The Super Bowl Statement

Apostle Lockley
Press Release from God: The Super Bowl Statement
9:53 a.m.
My ways are not man's ways. I exalt those that may seem not worthy to be so. I lift up those whom I please. It is not my ways in which man operates but his own selfish desires to please each other. I am not pleased with the performance of my daughter Beyonce, she is gifted from my bowels but yet she glorify the vain. I am not in her praise. She has been fooled into believing that her works are sanctioned by Me and yet no one has the guts to tell her that I am not pleased. Does money cause men to scatter away from me? Does money cause guilt and shame to cover itself in praise? What is this that Beyonce has done? She is my daughter, I fed her in the womb to worship me. Her fears have kept her, her insecurities remain intact. Only I can keep her safe, Only I have operated in her spirit the wills of men to follow me. I have spoken. There is no more grace left for her. She must repent in her idolatrous ways. She must return to singing praises to me. I am a jealous God. I will forgive her. No sale is permanent without my permission. He thinks he has bought her soul. I still have the blood covering her. The opportunity is hers. He fell because he did the same thing. He desired the worship of others without my love. He forecast my divine fall, but he forgot who created him. He is Lucifer, the son of the morning, bright and morning star. I established him high above all others and yet he despised my glory for selfishness and deceived many who follow after him. I have a provision in my will, that anyone may come back to me at any time, Only Believe! Half the world is in darkness because they are deceived. My agenda was made manifest by the blackout of half the room. It was a sign of my displeasure and grace. If it was not for my son, Jesus, I could have destroyed the entire place. It was Jesus' blood that cried out among the wicked. My children were in that room. Grace abounded again! I am God, not Beyonce. Open your eyes!

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