Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AntiChrist has set his agenda

Deception is the order of the day. Please be advised that the anti Christ has begun his assertion to glory. We have been slowly programmed into accepting his agenda and soon he will take center stage. As the torch is being passed to the next Pope, let all the earth pray for the new leadership of Catholicism.

The Anti Christ has an agenda which demotes God's authority and promotes the defiled. He works through media and places people of influence to override the saltiness of the church. Do not be fooled by acts of kindness and generosity. Study the character of a leader and pray for spiritual discernment. The Anti Christ comes as if he were Christ like, but lacks the ability to give life.

The Bible warns that his craftiness is skillful and could fool the masses of church members. This is because he acts Christ like but deception is his gift. He will win you over and then pressure you to follow his lead. Finally, he will try turning the world against God.

He will use our sufferings in the earth as a foothold to launch his agenda. People don't like to suffer, and Satan has this to his advantage. The church must remember that suffering is a path to Christianity. To be Christlike is to take up the cross and follow him.

Many of you already know about the secret agenda that has sparked exposure to an underground society that is becoming more revealing. The latest being the Superbowl halftime show experience, which revealed the worship of feminism and dethroning of masculinity as the singer requested the crowd to reach out and praise her. God was not pleased!

Lastly, the acceptance of gay marriage by our president was another agenda of the anti Christ. I don't believe our president has the wisdom on this issue. However, he has been judged by God for the decision to endorse the issue and now we must move on. We are reminded of his judgment, as the same singer lip sync the words at the his inauguration. By any means, we are alerted to pray for our president as he faces pressure from the secret society and makes decisions not worthy of God's ordinances.

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