Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Press Release from God: The Super Bowl Statement

Apostle Lockley
Press Release from God: The Super Bowl Statement
9:53 a.m.
My ways are not man's ways. I exalt those that may seem not worthy to be so. I lift up those whom I please. It is not my ways in which man operates but his own selfish desires to please each other. I am not pleased with the performance of my daughter Beyonce, she is gifted from my bowels but yet she glorify the vain. I am not in her praise. She has been fooled into believing that her works are sanctioned by Me and yet no one has the guts to tell her that I am not pleased. Does money cause men to scatter away from me? Does money cause guilt and shame to cover itself in praise? What is this that Beyonce has done? She is my daughter, I fed her in the womb to worship me. Her fears have kept her, her insecurities remain intact. Only I can keep her safe, Only I have operated in her spirit the wills of men to follow me. I have spoken. There is no more grace left for her. She must repent in her idolatrous ways. She must return to singing praises to me. I am a jealous God. I will forgive her. No sale is permanent without my permission. He thinks he has bought her soul. I still have the blood covering her. The opportunity is hers. He fell because he did the same thing. He desired the worship of others without my love. He forecast my divine fall, but he forgot who created him. He is Lucifer, the son of the morning, bright and morning star. I established him high above all others and yet he despised my glory for selfishness and deceived many who follow after him. I have a provision in my will, that anyone may come back to me at any time, Only Believe! Half the world is in darkness because they are deceived. My agenda was made manifest by the blackout of half the room. It was a sign of my displeasure and grace. If it was not for my son, Jesus, I could have destroyed the entire place. It was Jesus' blood that cried out among the wicked. My children were in that room. Grace abounded again! I am God, not Beyonce. Open your eyes!

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