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OT's Daniel the Dreamer

A Reflection on OT's Daniel the Dreamer
March 11, 2013

At first glance, it appeared that the OT Daniel was just another faithful servant of God in the Scriptures. I was wrong. Daniel appeared to represent a typo Christ in his character and purpose. His overall poise and rigor in servant-hood changes the fabric of the best intentions of a man towards God in his day.

Daniel's background appears to be limited to hindsight concerning his parental assimilation. There is no indication who his parents are but, the hints are strong that Daniel is of royal descent. I appreciate the Scripture's reference to how orderly and timely Daniel was. There is indications of his integrity throughout the narrative and Daniel is depicted as one of supreme moral standards in fear of the living God. How can we transfer this masterpiece of Daniel's fervor into our own lifestyles today? Certainly we have good people in the world. Good people, however does not always equate to God's children under the auspices of Christianity.

Therefore, in Daniels time, he was not under Christian theology but Mosaic Law. Daniel is depicted as following the Mosaic Code with perfection. The book of Daniel highlights the faithfulness of the servant with recollections of his refusal to eat the kings diet, his integrative lifestyle, and his unbending faith to worship the living God.

I am convinced that Daniel was a typo Christ after I studied his character and the prayer in which he gives adoration, confession for his nation, transgression accounts (omission and commission) and finally supplication. It is an example of how a believer should seek to intercede on behalf of a sinful world in need of salvation. Daniel sets this example of a man of true character for a global cause. Jesus taught the disciples to pray and he is recorded as teaching them to model their prayer in like manner.

Daniel was entrusted with the revelation of the end times as recorded in the OT book. The Apostle John was given similar visions about the end times in Revelations. Today, we must recognize that the end times are here and the angel Gabriel stated to Daniel that what he saw was true. As believers, we must recognize that as church persecutions become evident in our lifetime it will not last forever. 
Pray for wisdom!

Apostle Lockley

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